Every human being is suffering because they are in the darkness of ignorance not knowing why they suffer. It is because they have forgotten who they are. People go through life as if in a dream and they are, some even live a nightmare. The dream is made up of past-life imprints and the faulty conditioning in this life, right from a small child. What has this conditioning made you believe? All of the concepts,ideas and thoughts you have about yourselves and about life. Is it Real? If you could just let it all go. Thoughts are just thoughts, ideas and concepts are not reality. It is this for of incorrect thinking handed down for generations through thousands of years of humanity being lost in the mind that causes you to suffer. Did the creator make some mistake? Jesus, Buddha and many more come as way showers to point you to your True Nature.,but most have misunderstood. The Lord Buddha, Jesus the Christed One have told you “the kingdom of Heaven is Within” Buddha says “still the mind and look within”. You have heard “Be Still and know that I AM ” There beneath the fog of confusion is the true Self waiting to be discovered beyond self, once discovered you will not lack for anything.This is the Christ Self the Buddha Self that the Creator conceived of, it is the Self that is not self. It can only be discovered in the Silent Presence of Oneness transcending thought and therefore transcending Duality. Discovering there IS no separation. No longer seeking outside yourself discovering Love is the true Nature of All Beings and is the essence of who you are.

Infinite Light

And Suddenly

I am aware

of the aimlessness of talking

The nonsense Spoken

In every meaningless word

I’ve ever said

The greatest songs are sung in the Silence

Of Stars

Hung high in the heavens

Shinning Light

Distant yet bright

Upon our lonely

dark, little world.

In your tranquillity

You have shown my soul

The eternal power

of  Peace

and that the greatest melodies of life

are composed within

In interior Silence

and the Infinite power

of the spirits

calm,undying Light.

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